Administration - Executive
Lisa Johnson

General Manager
Ph 619-573-9314
Fax 619-764-4994
Chris Kiefer

ph. 619-573-9311
fax 619-764-4991
Alan Ziter
Executive Director
ph. 619-573-9315
fax 619-764-4995
Whitney Roux
Program Manager
ph. 619-573-9304

Corina Presutti
Office Administrator
fax 619-764-4980

NTC Venues

Sales & Marketing

Barbara Ramsey
Director of Sales
ph. 619-573-9301
fax 619-764-4981

Kathie Landis
Event Sales Manager
Non-profit, Local Corporate & Association,
Government, Arts/Culture/Performing Arts

ph. 619-573-9309
fax 619-764-4989

Rebecca Duckworth
Event Sales Manager
Social, Military
ph. 619-573-9312
fax 619-764-4992

Anita Barletta
Event Sales Coordinator
The North Chapel, Dance Place San Diego
ph. 619-573-9306
fax 619-764-4986

Meg Vinton
Event Manager
ph. 619-573-9307
fax 619-764-4987